What We Do

Tourist Information Centres & Libraries

Libraries and Tourist Information Centres attract a wide range of demographics and target audiences for you to expose your attraction to. We distribute print to Libraries and TIC’s nationwide within counties of your choice. 

  • Tourist Information Centres

    Get Smart offers a national Tourist Information Centre distribution service to increase your reach even further! Have your print distributed on a monthly basis throughout the counties of your choice locally or nationally. We provide all customers with a report which details all of the TIC’s within your county who are displaying your print.  

  • Libraries

    Libraries are a fantastic place for sourcing information, so why not let us distribute your print direct to libraries within the counties of your choice! This service can be booked by itself or as part of a full distribution campaign. 

  • Leaflet Request Service

    If you would like us to send tourist information through to your outlet or accomodation on a monthly basis, please get in contact with a member of the team who will be able to arrange this.